My favourite UAE based Instagram accounts

In the United Arab Emirates Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms so in this post I will be introducing my favourite Instagram accounts from Abu Dhabi and Dubai.ย For everyone who does not have an Instagram account I highly recommend this Abu Dhabi based Facebook group which offers lots of advice on living vegan in the UAE.

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Frequently asked iHerb questions (UAE version)

In this post I have put together questions that I am frequently asked about ordering from the American online store iHerb. If you are living in Abu Dhabi, Dubai or in another Emirate, iHerb is an incredibly convenient way to do shopping for supplements, toxin-free beauty products, superfoods, baby items and organic groceries. I enjoy being able to compare products and prices from the comfort of my home while saving a lot of money.

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Relocation: Should I take my dog to the UAE with me?

The decision of taking a dog to the UAE or not is fairly difficult, but I will try my best to give an insight on life with a dog in Abu Dhabi and Dubai in this post. Comparing to Europe, the UAE is notย the most dog friendly country and a dog here is a huge commitment, with many factors such a long working hours, most buildings not allowing dogs, no dog parks, expensive and sometimes fully booked dog boarding.

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Relocation: Flying My Dogs from Abu Dhabi to Germany

I have taken my dogs to Germany several times over the past years, however things do change very frequently. This blog post is about my dogs flying from Abu Dhabi to Munich in June 2017.ย I contacted all vets that offer animal relocation in Abu Dhabi, however most of them either got the required paperwork wrong or quotes insane prices. I have done everything without an agency and saved thousands of dirhams that way. Hopefully after reading this post you will know everything that you need to fly your dogs to Germany without help too.

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Iherb haul – July 2017

Living in a country without eBay or amazon I feel incredibly grateful to be able to shop at the American online shop Iherb. It is also rare to find a company that delivers straight to he door step and not a P.O. box for as little as 7 dirhams. I have tried a lot of products over the years and the following four products are the ones that land in my shopping cart over and over again.

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