DIY Chalkboard glass jars

I have been trying to keep my kitchen as plastic free as possible, which also meant to store all my spices, beans, rice and herbs in glass jars. This has not only helped to keep the insects out of my food, but has also helped to keep my pantry organised.


Trying to avoid plastic in the supermarket I try to buy everything in glass jars: apple mus, pasta sauces, corn, pickles, so I have a decent collection of glass jars. The jars are not only great for storage, but also to sprout seeds. The best part about this DIY project is that no even with so many different shapes and sized jars they still look neat and organised.

All you need for this DIY project are:
Clean, empty glass jars
Chalkboard paint (I bought mine from Ace for 99aed) or black acrylic paint
Sponge/brush/foam brush
liquid chalk pens (also from Ace for 49aed)


First I removed the sticker and cleaned the jars in the dishwasher until there was no more sticky residue.
I then used a normal brush to apply the chalkboard paint, apparently black acrylic paint works just as well and is a little bit cheaper. A sponge or foam brush will probably work best. With each lid I had to apply 2-3 layers.
After letting the lids dry for a day, I used liquid chalk paints to write on them.



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