Hanoi Naturally – Vietnamese cuisine in Muneera

Hanoi Naturally has three branches in Abu Dhabi and one branch in Dubai. The Abu Dhabi branches are in Boutik Mall, Khalifa street and off island in Al Muneera. I personally prefer their Al Muneera branch, parking is very easy and I can go to Tawa bakery or Vasa vasa for desert after. If you are looking for delicious dessert,  I highly recommend Tawa bakery’s gluten and dairy free brownie.


Hanoi is owned and run by a Vietnamese family, they started with one small branch on Khalifa street and Hanoi has now developed into a chain restaurant.
The reason I’ve been their customer for the past four years is that they make my absolute favourite tofu dish. Their vegetarian dishes are clearly marked on the menu and they are also free of eggs and dairy. The menu has a large variety of vegan dishes; spring rolls, salads, noodle bowls and tofu dishes.


My favourite dish at Hanoi is the lemongrass chili tofu with steamed rice. I am usually not a huge fan of tofu, but I ask them to make it extra crispy and it tastes amazing.  Their menu has so many different noodle and tofu dishes that everyone should be able to find something they like.


While the quality of food has stayed the same over the past years, the interior of the restaurants keeps getting nicer. Hanoi in Muneera is the perfect place for a quiet evening with good friends and tasty food. The average cost for two people is around 100 dirhams and they are also in the entertainer.




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