Ordering from the American health store iHerb to the U.A.E.

I absolutely love online shopping, being able to compare products, prices and ingredients from the comfort of my couch is awesome. This post is all about my experience with iHerb, custom charges and postage. Supplements and organic foods are really expensive at the nutrition shops in the U.A.E. and the choices are very limited. iHerb has a large variety of supplements, herbs, organic foods, cruelty & toxin free cosmetics, essential oils and even pet products.

iherb4aIt is surprisingly easy to shop with iHerb. They are based in America but DHL usually delivers my orders within 2-3 days. The longest it has ever taken was a week. I created an account with iHerb so I could join their reward system. For every order I place I receive 5% of my money back and can use it on my next order. So if I place a purchase of 500 dirhams I will get 25 dirhams off my next purchase with iHerb. For an additional 10% off your whole order use code RDD731 at checkout.iherb5ab

Their website is very user friendly, and they have filters on the left side allowing users to search for organic, vegan or toxin free products only.


When it comes to customs I always make sure that any order that I place (including shipping) does not exceed 1000 dirhams, otherwise I might get into trouble with the customs. The few times I placed orders over 1000 dirhams I did not have any issues, but I heard some people did face some problems.iherb6

iHerb offers courier shipping with DHL, this means you do not need a P.O. box and the package is directly delivered to your house or office. The delivery is very fast, it usually takes 3-7 weeks. I never waited for more than a week. Orders above 150 dirhams get a much better shipping rate with DHL than orders worth less than that. When my order goes to 200 dirhams the shipping rate goes from 70+ dirhams to 30+ dirhams. For an additional 10% off your whole order use code RDD731 at checkout.

Update on Shipping costs: Iherb has recently increased the shipping cost and added ‘shipping savers’ to their website. These shipping savers are random items chosen by them, they can be filtered out on the left side of the page and decrease the overall shipping by up to 100%.

iherb4AB.jpgMost of my cosmetics, essential oils and supplements are from iHerb. They have lots of cruelty free and natural make up and beauty products from Pacifica, Nature’s gate, Physician’s formula and eco tools. I also like their natural supplements and superfoods like maca, vitex, acai powder, spirulina, irish moss and kelp. Iherb offers a large variety of essential oils from Aura Cacia, now foods, and Nature’s Alchemy at a much more affordable price than at Neal’s Yard or Organic foods and cafe. For an additional 10% off your whole order use code RDD731 at checkout.

iherb1aI have been searching for fluoride-free toothpaste that tastes similar to normal toothpaste for a very long time. Spry toothpaste is based on xylitol which reduces the risk of tooth decay. It leaves my mouth fresh after brushing my teeth and I also love their mouth wash.

iherb2abFreeze dried organic raspberries and cherries are my weakness. Not to be confused with dehydrated berries, these are made with a freezer dryer and taste much crunchier. They are a healthy alternative to candy and also taste great in cereal or as a topping on acai bowls.

iherb2aNot healthy, but delicious and my must have for all my camping trips are dandies marshmallows. Anyone who loves marshmallows but does not eat the gelatine supermarket marshmallows will absolutely love them. They taste exactly like the ‘real thing’, but they are 100% suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

iherb3aChlorella is a superfood rich in protein, iron, zinc, vitamin A, vitamin b2 and b3. The fresh water algae helps to increase all the good bacteria in the gut and is also great to boost the immune system. I also like using chlorella to detox my body and my cats like to take eat them as healthy treats.

iherb3abI like to use 100% natural protein powers after working out. Vega protein powders come in many different flavours and are all plant-based. Comparing to other protein powders the Vega One Shake also has added dried fruit powder and probiotics. One serving contains 20gr of protein and 6 vegetable servings. The vega protein smoothies come in smaller bags of 260 grams each and have 15 gr of protein and 2 servings of veggies per scoop. I add the chocolate flavour to banana almond milk smoothies and the berry flavour to raspberry smoothies.


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