Aluminium and cruelty free deodorant reviews

Natural deodorants have a reputation of being ineffective, and I have to admit I have been trying out a lot of products, before finally finding the ones that work for me. In the past years aluminium used in deodorants has gained more negative attention and I am so glad that I found toxin-free alternatives. I only use deodorants without aluminium, parabens and petroleum.

deo3aOur underarm area is very sensitive and the aluminium used in most deodorants may be linked to breast cancer. Most natural deodorants are based on baking soda, it prevents the oder-causing bacteria from forming instead of just covering up the smell. I tried a lot of natural alternatives, before finding four deodorants that work for me.

deo1aSchmidt’s natural deodorant has one of the strongest scents, so it may not be for everyone. The texture is a little bit rough so I usually let it warm up on my skin for a few seconds before applying it. My underarm skin is usually very easily irritated, but I had no issue with Schmidt’s deodorant so far. It does not leave any stains on my clothes and issues that I smell fresh all day. My favourite scent is their Bergamot and Lime, which is incredibly refreshing and reminds me of lemon pie. Another product I highly recommend is the Geranium deodorant for sensitive skin. Schmidt’s have many different scents including a fragrance free version. They also sell deodorants in glass jars, which is slightly more difficult to apply but better for the environment. Schmidt’s deodorant costs 33.39dirhams for 92grams on iHerb, for 10% off use code RDD731 at checkout.

deo2abNature’s Gate fruit blend deodorant is another toxin free and vegan product I highly recommend. The deodorant is very smooth, easy to apply and does not leave any stains on clothes. I use their Mandarin Orange & Patchouli scent, which has a strong orange smell with a small hint of patchouli. In my opinion this scent can be used for women and men alike. I also have shampoo and conditioner from Nature’s Gate which I am very happy with. Nature’s gate costs 18.25 dirhams for 48 grams on iHerb. If you would like to know more about my experience with iHerb click here.

deo2aGreen Beaver’s natural deodorant is another citrus smell in my collection. It is not as strong as Schmidt’s natural deodorant, but still very refreshing. The deodorant is very smooth to apply and does not leave any stains on clothes. For me it is strong enough for day-to-day use, but not for sweaty work outs. Green Beaver’s natural deodorant citrus costs 16.32 dirhams for 50 grams.

deo1abDesert Essence deodorant with Chamomile and Calendula is my go-to deodorant when I want to use a very gentle product. This deodorant is almost odourless and perfect for people who prefer no smell at all. It may not be as strong as the other deodorants in this post but works well for me. The natural deodorant costs 14.48 dihrams for 70ml.

If you would like to see more reviews of natural products that are available in the U.A.E. let me know in the comment section below.


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