Farmbox, weekly deliveries of fresh fruits and vegetables

Farmbox is a relatively new Dubai-based company that imports fresh fruits and vegetables and delivers them straight to the door step in the U.A.E. With only two organic stores in Abu Dhabi and not a lot of time to go food shopping I am excited for my weekly delivery of fresh fruits.

farmbox4azaThey offer three different boxes: Garden’s fruity box for 165 dirhams, Mum’s veggie box for 189 dirhams a box and the Farmer’s mix box for 189 dirhams. The delivery for all of the boxes is free of charge.


I subscribed to the Garden’s fruity box for 165 dirhams and this week I received a good choice of bananas, apples, nectarines, pomegranates, oranges, blood oranges, mandarins and a pineapple. The contents of the boxes change each week.


All of the organic fruits and vegetables are from European organic certified farms mainly the UK, France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands. Farmbox guarantees to only import the freshest organic fruits and vegetables and to directly distribute them after they arrive in Dubai.


Farmbox is offering all my readers a discount on their first farm box delivery. For 30% off your first box use the code ‘organic’ at check out.

Free delivery every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, from 9am-1pm or 6pm-9pm in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, RAK, and Fujairah.
You can visit their website and follow them on Facebook or instagram.



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