Superfoods: diatomaceous earth

I love natural products that I can easily add to my daily routines. Diatomaceous earth or kiselgur is a not very well known superfood made of fossil remains called diatoms (marine phytoplankton). It is a white powder that has the amazing ability to help the body to increase the absorption of calcium.

kieselguhr1abDiatomaceous earth mainly consists of silica, magnesium, calcium, sodium and iron. Silica is a trace mineral and absolutely necessary for good bone health. There are so many benefits to diatomaceous earth that I do not even know where to start. It improves digestion and functions of the liver and colon. Kieselguhr helps to remove heavy metals from the body, strengthens bones and joints and improves ligament health. It is also said to help lowering cholesterol and fade age spots. One of the biggest effects I have seen were there improvement of skin, hair and nails which is especially great for everyone who suffers from dry hair in the U.A.E.

kieselguhr2abThere are two different types of diatomaceous earth, food grade and and non food grade which is used for industrial purposes. It is used to filter water, in skin care products, toothpastes and to get rid of insects and other parasites.
I have not found any food-grade diatomaceous earth in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, however it is possible to order it on desert cart. I did buy mine abroad and had no issues bringing several kilograms of it in my luggage.


kieselguhr2aI add one teaspoon of diatomaceous earth into a large glass of water and stir it until it dissolves. Kieselguhr has no taste at all and can be taken with or without food. I drink this once a day. I also add a little bit of kieselguhr to my animals food for a healthy fur.



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