Govinda’s in Jumeirah, Vegan Indian Food

Govinda’s is a completely vegetarian restaurant in Jumeirah, they also offer a huge variety of vegan dishes. While the Indian cuisine is usually vegan friendly, it is nice to go to a restaurant where I don’t have to worry about ghee.

govindas4aThe owner is a big fan of veganism and also really cares about the environment. Govinda’s are always looking to improve their vegan dishes and like to get feedback. The waiters are always friendly, and while the restaurant’s Interior is Indian themed it is also very simple and modern at the same time.

govindaaGovinda has a very large vegan menu with something for everyone. Their vegetarian options are even larger and they also cater to gluten free diets. I really enjoy their soy yogurt sauce, I am a huge fan of aloo methi tikki, and have enjoyed all of their dhals before.



govindas3aGovinda’s has many different delicious appetisers.

govindas3abThis time we had their thali with lots of different vegan options, including rice and bread. Govinda’s also has gluten-free options and a separate gluten free menu.

govindaabThe restaurant has two floors and outdoor seating. Opening hours are from 12-3.30pm and from 7pm-12am and the restaurant is located in Jumeirah. Surprisingly parking is very easy in the sandy area just infront of the restaurant. You can visit their website for additional information or follow their Facebook page.



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