My favourite iHerb shipping savers

I am a huge fan of online shopping and iHerb has always been my favourite for toxin free household products und supplements. Iherb recently increased their shipping costs and added the option of adding shipping saver products that decrease the cost of shipping tremendously. In this post I have put together a list of shipping savers that i like to use. By adding a few shipping saver items to the cart the shipping goes as low as 7 dirhams, no matter what weight the package is.

iherb4aI take probiotics daily, as I believe that a healthy gut helps the body to build a strong immune system. I always make sure to take different probiotic species and strains. Although the benefits might not be noticeable immediately, probiotics improve digestion, urinary and vaginal health in women, help with nutrient absorption and assist in weight loss.

shipping4a.jpgMy top three probiotics are Raw probiotics for women, kefir and Garden of life raw. I also take the freeze-dried purple probiotics made of cabbage, Doctor Best’s probiotics,  now foods women probioticsraw enzymes and Garden of life prenatal probiotics. There are so many great probiotics available on iherb and a lot of them are shipping savers.

A great alternative to probiotic supplements are kefir, kombucha and fermented foods like sauerkraut and kimchi. The later are available at almost any supermarket. If you would like to make your own kefir or kombucha at home, make sure to joint the Facebook group UAE fermenters.

shipping1aReservatrol is a supplement that has recently become more popular. It is an antioxidant from grape skin and red grape juice. Resveratol has many benefits, it reduces oxidative stress, supports mental function, promotes oral health and helps to suppress cancer.

I take multi vitamins daily, not because I don’t believe that my diet is nutritious enough, but simply because it is impossible to keep track of the exact vitamin and mineral content of fruits and vegetables. I like the brand Garden of Life, although a little bit more expensive than others it has really improved my nails.

shipping2aEssentail oils are amazing, I am a huge fan of aromatherapy and like to diffuse oils in my own home. In my diffuser I mainly use sweet orange, lavender and frankincense oil. There is a wide variety of essential oils in the shipping saver section. I love adding them to my washing and I also use the citrus scents to clean my house, like citronella, lemongrass and grapefruit.

I have completely switched to toxin-free make up and have tried many different mascaras. I really like Pacifica for all kinds of cruelty-free make up including their mineral mascara in black.

Celtic sea salt  is rich in trace minierals, a good source for electrolytes, it alkalizes the body and eliminates mucus buildup. As always all salts should be used in moderation.


There are also many shipping savers available for under 50 dirhams. In order to see them all at the same time I filter them out on the left side of the website, and go to price to set the maximum to 50 dirhams.

Argan oil is amazing alternative to all the toxic beauty products. I like to use the oil on my hair and skin. Argan oil is rich in omega 6 fatty acids, reduces inflammation and helps minimising scars.

My magnetic kitchen towel has proven itself as incredible useful hanging on my fridge at all times.

shipping5aHoneybee Gardens is another cruelty free and toxin free brand that has beautiful, high quality products. I like their lip liners and lipsticks.

shipping1abNail polish is usually filled with toxins, but I found some great alternatives. iHerb has a toxin-free nail polish available from Pacifica, Honeybee Gardens and Sophi by PiggyPaint. They also have water-based nail polishes for children.

shipping2abPacifica also produces lip tints and solid perfumes. While I do not like to use commercial perfume I am a big fan of solid perfumes with clean ingredients.





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