Why am I so extreme? My toxin-free life

When I got rid of all plastic items in my house and every other product that contains toxic chemicals some people may have thought this was an extreme measurements. However suffering from an endocrine disrupting disease I am reminded every day on how harmful all these chemicals are. Endocrine disrupting chemicals are everywhere, in the air, in our food, in our water, in our household products and I am doing everything possible to eliminate these toxins from my life.

rahba1aEndocrine disrupters are chemicals that can be found in the environment, food and products that interfere with with the human hormone system. They are directly related to issues with reproduction issues, cancer development, thyroid issues and obesity. While I especially have to pay attention to these toxins it is advisable for all families to try and eliminate endocrine disrupters as much as possible. In the following posts I will explain on how I changed my life in order to improve my health.

shuwaib5aI banned all hormone disrupting chemicals from my house. From my pantry I removed all phytoestrogens such as meat, fish, dairy, eggs, processed soy, flax seeds, sesame seeds, fennel and anise. I also removed refined sugar and refined carbohydrates to improve my diet. I try to buy as much organic foods as possible and prefer to get all my fruits and vegetables from Organic farms in the United Arab Emirates, Mawasim has a great selection of locally grown products. There is also Organic foods and Cafe, Shuwib farms, Rahba farm and the Ripe market on Saturdays. If you wold like to know more about where to buy organic food in Abu Dhabi have a look here.

kitchen4abMy kitchen equipment mainly consists of stainless steel, glass and wood.  I prefer to buy plastic free alternatives, however with my blender, juicer and dehydrator I chose BPA-free plastic. I also only drink water from glass bottles, my favourite brand is Lielbata from 21gourmetstreet.

shampoo4abThe bathroom only has toxin-free hygienic products. For my periods I use a diva cup, as tampons are filled with pesticides and can also cause toxic shock syndrome. My shampoo, conditioner and body wash are all organic and without any toxic chemicals. I do not wear a lot of make up, however all my make up is completely natural. I like Dr Hauschka sold at Organic foods and cafe and also Physician’s Formula on Iherb. My toothpaste and mouth wash is by Spry. I have also tried many different aluminium free deodorants and found something that works for me. While it sometimes is a little complicated to find toxin-free products that work as well as the ‘original’, after many trials and errors I have finally found products that really work for me.

november1aI only use toxin-free washing powder and for a nicer scent I add some essential oils to the washing. Instead of room spray I use a diffuser and pure essential oils. All my plants inside the house are planted in organic soil in metal pots.

wheatgrass4abMy furniture is made from solid wood and metal, without any plastic. I keep the  decoration at my house very simple with natural stones, himalaya salt lamps and air-detoxifying plants.

While at the beginning all the restrictions of what I was unable to buy have made my life a little more complicated I am confident that all of these changes have really improved my health and overall well-being. It has been a long step-by-step process but it was definitely worth it.



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