Mawasim – Abu Dhabi’s organic supermarket

My  favourite supermarket in Abu Dhabi is Mawasim, located in the Mushrif area. I have been a huge fan from the beginning and they are slowly getting more and more products. For everyone who loves organic fruits and vegetables as much as me and is looking for affordable staples this is the right place to go to. I love supporting small local businesses that believe in the same things I do: affordable organic foods, that are good for the planet and for us.

mawasim2aMawasim has 25% off all their products every first weekend of the month. I like getting all my staples from Mawasim, frozen berries and fruits, amaranth, quinoa, chia seeds, gluten-free pasta.

They also have 100% real juices from Biona, including elderberry, acerola and cherry juice. I like their locally grown figs and strawberries. They have lots of European organic fruits.

mawasim2abMy favourite products at Mawasim are chia seeds that are sold for 15aed per 500gr. Probably the cheapest chia seeds I have found so far, they are organic, sprout easily and taste delicious. Chia seeds are very high antioxidants, calcium and fiber. I like adding them to fresh juices, smoothies and also as pudding with hazelnut milk. I also like to get their fresh ginger, which has many medicinal benefits, and is full with antioxidants and anti inflammatory properties. Ginger can relieve nausea and vomiting, reduce muscle pain and soreness, help with menstrual pain, and fight infections. I love drinking fresh ginger tea with lemon.

goldenpaste1aMawasim also sells very affordable, high quality coconut oil. I use their coconut oil for my anti inflammatory turmeric recipe and also to do oil pulling.

mawasim1aI recently discovered their superfood section which is absolutely fabulous. I love their section of affordable superfoods such as mesquite, ashwaghanda, reishi mushroom, roseship powder, nettle and aronia.

Ashwagandha is an herb used in the Ayurvedic medicine that helps balancing thyroid hormones and also strenghtens the immune system. As I am not a huge fan of the taste I fill the powder into vegetable capsules and then swallow them.

I am a huge fan of roseship oil, I use it as a moisturiser on a daily basis and it is also great for scars and stretch marks. The oil is sold at Organic foods and cafe, but I order mine from iHerb. Rosehip powder is very high in vitamin C and can be added to teas or smoothies to boost the immune system.

Nettle powder has a wide variety of benefits, it helps with hair growth, controls blood sugar, provides relief form water retention and decreases menstural flow. I like to made tea with dried nettle powder.

Mesquite powder has has a very caramel-like taste. I like to add it to my smoothies, porridge and cereal. It is very high in fiber and protein, and has lots of calcium, irion, manganese, zinc and potassium.

The reishi mushroom has recently become very popular, it apparently helps to defend tumor growth and cancer, helps balance hormones and fights diabetes. I am not a very big fan of the taste, but I do add it to my vegetable broth for extra nutrition.

Aronia berry powder is high in antioxidants, and has an anti inflammatory effect, it helps to improve blood circulation. I like to add it to smoothies or frozen acai ice pops.


Mawasim is located in Mushrif, near the Co-op. They are open every day from 9am to 10pm. Make sure to follow them on instagram for frequent updates.


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