Munich: Erbil’s Oriental Lounge – Turkish vegan cuisine

Erbil’s is a fully vegan, Turkish restaurant located near the Munich Ostbahnhof. The owner is Erbil who used to own the infamous Royal Kebab restaurant near the central station, which unfortunately was shut down due to constructions. His new restaurant called Erbil’s does not disappoint and probably makes the best donner kebab in the world. I make sure to go at least once whenever I am in Munich.

erbils2aThe menu is simple but has something for everyone, it offers donner kebab and falafel plates and sandwiches. There are also soups, salads and burgers available. One of their specialities are their home-made baked goods ‘pide’ with lots of different toppings. Fully vegan turkish desserts are also available such as kayadif, baklava with cream, and suetlac – a Turkish rice pudding.

erbils4aMy favourite, the doner kebab sandwich comes with a crispy bun, lots of fresh vegetables and the most amazing seitan. There are five different vegan sauces to choose from, my favourite sauce is the herb yogurt sauce.

I really enjoy the atmosphere in the restaurant, no matter if I get my food take away or dine in. The staff is always really friendly and incredibly helpful when someone isn’t familiar with the turkish cuisine. It’s great to have a quick bite and vegan dessert in one place.

erbils4abFor everyone looking for a bread-free alternative there is a donner plate with salad, rice, seitan and sauce available.

erbilaThere is inside and outside seating available. Erbil’s is open every day from 10.30 am – 8.30pm. For more information and the full menu visit Erbil’s website and follow them on Facebook.


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