Iherb haul – July 2017

Living in a country without eBay or amazon I feel incredibly grateful to be able to shop at the American online shop Iherb. It is also rare to find a company that delivers straight to he door step and not a P.O. box for as little as 7 dirhams. I have tried a lot of products over the years and the following four products are the ones that land in my shopping cart over and over again.

iherb4abWhen ordering to the United Arab Emirates it is important to never buy products (including shipping) for over 1000 dirhams to avoid custom charges. If you would like to know more about my experience with iherb, shipping costs and duration click here. For an additional 5% off your whole order use code RDD731 at checkout.

iherb2abFreeze dried fruits are a great snack on the go (they store really well in the car, even in this heat), I also enjoy adding them to my cereal bowls and fruit salads. There are many different freeze dried fruits available on iHerb, but cherries and raspberries are my favourite.

november1aFinding plastic free washing powder is super easy, lots of them are packaged in paper containers, but finding toxin- and plastic free washing powder was a challenge. Before getting a 2 in 1 washer & dryer I used soap nuts and a little essential oil which I loved, but now I had to find an alternative. All of the eco-ver products are packed in plastic, although it’s possible to get a refill at the Organics food & cafe this product does not work very well for me. Nellie’s all natural laundry soda actually cleans my washing, is biodegradable and toxin-free. To add some scent to my washing I add different essential oils. My favourites are lemon and orange essential oil. Most essential oils on iherb are also shipping savers. If the washing is very smelly I add some white vinegar. Nellie’s laundry soda is available here.

iherb1aSpry toothpaste is one of my all-time favourites. It’s taken me a long time to find a toothpaste that does not contain any harmful ingredients. When I buy a toothpaste I like to make sure that it does not contain fluorite, sulphates or other toxins. Spry toothpaste is also an iHerb shipping saver, this means buying this item decrease the overall shipping costs. By buying shipping savers I usually only pay around 7 dirhams in shipping costs. For more shipping savers click here.

deo1aI have been using Schmidt’s deodorant for over two years now and I am still extremely happy with it. The deodorant contains arrowroot powder, coconut oil, shea butter and baking soda. In the old recipe the texture used to be a little bit rough so let it warm up on my skin for a few seconds before applying it. However in the new batches I did not have this issue anymore. There are many other scents available, but my all time favourite scent is their Bergamot and Lime, which is incredibly refreshing and reminds me of lemon pie. Schmidt’s is available as a deodorant stick containing plastic, and in a glass jar. Schmidt’s deodorant is an iHerb shipping saver, for more shipping savers click here. To find out more about natural deodorants that I have been trying click here.



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