Munich: Rebella Bex Cafe

Rebella Bex is a vegan health cafe near Karlsplatz (Stachus) which has a yoga study attached to it. I really enjoyed the interior in combination with very helpful and friendly staff. This cafe is the perfect spot for a nice breakfast or lunch when going shopping in the city center.

rebella2abThe breakfast menu offers pancakes, a granola bowl, early bert bowl and on Saturdays tofu scramble. I was a little late for breakfast so had to chose from the rest of the menu. The cafe offers a vietnamese pho soup, wild herb salad, daily soup or a buddha bowl. There were vegetable wraps, coleslaw and quinoa salad on display too.

rebella3abcI had a small buddha bowl and the wild herb salad which came with a beautiful flower on top. There are many different drinks available and I chose the sugar-free detox tea.

rebella3abMy buddha bowl came with rice, curry, red beet, pesto and beetroot that day. I am glad that I got the smell buddha bowl, as it was more than filling. The ingredients of the buddha bowl change daily.

rebella3aI am a huge fan of wild herbs, so I had to also try the wild herb salad. It came topped off with avocado, sprouts, red beet, seeds and two slices of bread. If you want to have some dessert I recommend the salad, as it’s not as filling as the buddha bowl.

rebella1abRebella Bex offers a wide variety of different cakes and dessert, I had the strawberry cake, which was recommended on happy cow and it was really refreshing.

rebella3abcdRebella Bex is open from 9am-5pm from Monday to Friday and from 10am-5pm on Saturday. You can follow them on facebook, instagram and check out their website here.



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