Relocation: Flying My Dogs from Abu Dhabi to Germany

I have taken my dogs to Germany several times over the past years, however things do change very frequently. This blog post is about my dogs flying from Abu Dhabi to Munich in June 2017. I contacted all vets that offer animal relocation in Abu Dhabi, however most of them either got the required paperwork wrong or quotes insane prices. I have done everything without an agency and saved thousands of dirhams that way. Hopefully after reading this post you will know everything that you need to fly your dogs to Germany without help too.

dogsaEtihad does not allow animals to fly excess luggage, which means that they are a lot more expensive and the paperwork in Germany is also different. It is possible to fly the dogs from Dubai with Lufthansa as excess luggage, but the dog cage + dog limit is at 32 kg due to the Dubai airport policy so this might not be suitable for everyone. My 20kg dog with crate weighed over 36kg. KLM is probably the easiest and cheapest option, although there is a transfer in Amsterdam. The airline told me that I could only book in my dogs on the Thursday flight as excess luggage. Before booking the flight I made sure that there was space for my dogs on it and I then sent them a Facebook message including my flight number, dog breed, cage size and weight. It usually takes around 72 hours for the animals to be added to the flight.

The dog has to be microchipped and the rabies vaccination has to be up to date. Tick, flea or worm treatment are not necessary. The microchip has to be implanted before the rabies vaccination and the dog needs to be a minimum of 4 months old. The rabies vaccination has to be a minimum of 21 days old.

dog1bIn the following steps I will explain what to do 7-10 days prior to the flight.
1. Message the responsible veterinary department at the airport of arrival and ask for the EU health certificate and fill it in.
2. 2-10 days before the flight register on the MOCCA government page and fill in a request for animal export. An emirates ID and credit card are necessary for this step.
3. Take the EU health certificate and your dog to the cargo terminal at the Abu Dhabi airport and ask for the veterinary department. The dog has to come for a microchip scan. At the cargo department you will receive
a) a UAE health certificate b) the EU health certificate will be stamped and signed on every single page
4. Then scan the UAE health certificate, each page of the EU health certificate and all pages of the dog’s passport which show proof of microchip and vaccination. Send all of the documents to the responsible veterinary department in Germany so they can confirm the paperwork prior to arrival. If there are any signatures or stamps missing there might be issues at the airport in Germany. It is best to start around 7 days prior to the flight with all the paperwork in case there are stamps or signatures missing there is enough time to fix it.

dogsabThe dog has to fly in an IATA approved crate, the crates can be pricey in the U.A.E. so it is good to check for used boxes on dubizzle. The animal has to be able to stand up and turn around comfortably, so it is always good to take a bigger size. Each box needs two bowls attached to the door, one for water and one for food. Dry biscuits can be attached to the crate in a plastic bag and frozen water can be put into the water bowl so it does not spill quickly. I have also used double sided tape to fix the blankets to the bottom of the cage. All documents required for the animal to fly need to be copied and attached to the crate too.

My dogs are used to flying and traveling a lot so I did not do a specific crate training prior. If dogs are a little bit scared of the crate it’s best to get them used to it slowly, starting months prior to the flight. A flight is very stressful for an animal, however it is important to never sedate animals on the plane, as it may lead to complicated due to changes in temperature. The dog should not be fed 12 hours prior to the flight, but should be well hydrated. If you have any questions about relocation, please leave a comment below. I am not a relocation expert, however I will try to answer all questions.

This post is about taking dogs from Abu Dhabi to Germany only, other countries and airlines have completely different requirements.


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