Frequently asked iHerb questions (UAE version)

In this post I have put together questions that I am frequently asked about ordering from the American online store iHerb. If you are living in Abu Dhabi, Dubai or in another Emirate, iHerb is an incredibly convenient way to do shopping for supplements, toxin-free beauty products, superfoods, baby items and organic groceries. I enjoy being able to compare products and prices from the comfort of my home while saving a lot of money.

Where do I pick up my delivery?
If you chose DHL express as a shipping option at check out the package will be delivered directly to your doorstep. DHL UAE is familiar with the (non-existent) address system, however make sure to add your phone number so they can call if they have any questions. Having packages delivered to your home or office address makes ordering from iHerb incredibly convenient.

Do I need a P.O. box?
No you only need a UAE home address, iHerb delivers directly to your home or office.

What are the custom charges? 
There are no custom charges for orders under 1000 dirhams, including shipping. So it is important to keep the value of the order under 1000 dirhams and no additional fees will be charged in the UAE. If you want to place an order worth more than 1000 dirhams just split them.

How long does delivery take?
iHerb usually delivers within 3-7 days. The estimated arrival date is shown at checkout.

Which shipping option should I take?
There are two different shipping options offered for shipping to the UAE. DHL express and UPS. It is important to chose DHL to ensure that the package will arrive.

Why is shipping so expensive? 

When ordering on Iherb I never pay more than 8 dirhams for shipping, no matter how heavy the package is. The trick is to add Iherb shipping savers to the cart, there are thousands items to chose from. I personally like to get probiotics and always have a look at the 0-25 dirham section. Have a look at my favourite shipping savers here.

How can I get a discount? 
For 5% off the entire order (no matter if you are a first timer or not) use code RDD731.

What is my P.O. number?
There are no P.O. numbers in the current address system so I just use 00000.

Are there any items that I can not order to the UAE?
There are some items such as chocolate and marshmallows which are only shipped from October – April due to the hot temperatures. There are also supplements which are considered as prescription medicines in the UAE, these items are marked on iHerb stating that they can not be shipped.

Why are the items on iHerb so much cheaper than in the stores?
If you compare iHerb products to the same amazon products in America the prices are very similar, everything I have ordered on iHerb so far was 100% genuine. In the UAE products tend to be a lot more expensive due to higher rents and import fees.

If you have any other question please feel free to comment them down below. If you would like to know more about my experience with iHerb or have a look at my favourite shipping savers click here.


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