Munich: Siggi’s

Siggi’s is a fairly new vegan restaurant that is conveniently located in the city center of Munich. This place offers sandwiches, salads and cereal on the go, and they also serve breakfast lunch and dinner. Siggis stands out with an exceptional concept of combining ‘to go’ foods with an actual restaurant catering to anyone looking for healthy alternatives.

siggis3aWhen first entering the restaurant there is a big display with sandwiches, chia pudding and many different desserts. There is a very small outside seating area and lots of seats at the back of the restaurant.

What I really like about the restaurant is a lot of thought in the interior design. Just visiting the bathroom gave me new environmental friendly living ideas. The menu offers a wide variety of dishes from all over the globe and most of the ingredients used are organic. On every table there is a bottle of free, filtered water which is not very common for Munich.

siggis4abI’ve had a simple chia pudding with berries and the oriential quinoa salad.

siggis5abPowerful smoothie with flaxseed oil and chia seeds.

siggis5abcThe Grateful barbecue summer bowl contains red peppers, zuchini, tomato and peach. The tofu came with a delicious BBQ sauce.

siggis5aMy dessert were these beautiful vegan meringue, which are made with aquafaba (cooking liquid of chickpeas).

I recommend Siggis to anyone looking for a wide variety of vegan foods in the heart of Munich. The restaurant is open every day from 10am-10pm. You can follow Siggi’s on facebook or visit their website for more information.



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