My favourite UAE based Instagram accounts

In the United Arab Emirates Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms so in this post I will be introducing my favourite Instagram accounts from Abu Dhabi and Dubai. For everyone who does not have an Instagram account I highly recommend this Abu Dhabi based Facebook group which offers lots of advice on living vegan in the UAE.

instareviewa.jpgThe following five ladies inspire me with their healthy food choices and sustainable life styles on a daily basis. formerly known as Foxes and food is an Instagram account by Abu Dhabi-based Jessica who has been living vegan for many years and is doing a ‘ration the fashion year’ where she has committed to not buying any new clothes for 365 days and visits garment factories all over the world. To read more about her adventures have a look at her blog.


instagram1aonearabvegan by Neda has the most amazing Arabic recipes on her instagram account, including a vegan kunafa recipe. Onearabvegan is not only an instagram account, but also a blog that shows Neda’s passion for traditional Middle Eastern cuisine with a healthy, plant-based twist.


instagram1abcbusyvegandubai is a great account for everyone who is interested in fermented foods. The lady behind it has been suffering with IBS and posts a lot of gut friendly recipes and product reviews of vegan Dubai finds. She also offers regular kombucha brewing classes at besupernatural. Supernatural kitchen is a fully raw and plant based restaurant in Dubai mall.


instagram1abcdhealthyandvegan is an instagram account by an Emirati girl called Ahlam who posts about vegan recipes and products in Abu Dhabi. Most of the recipes can be found in the comment section in English and Arabic.


instagram2wsustainabilitytribe is not a foodie account, however it’s all about a sustainable lifestyle and green parenting. Amruta shares many tips on reducing waste in the United Arab Emirates and I highly recommend visiting her blog Sustainability tribe.




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