Iherb haul – October 2017

I place around two orders on Iherb every month: supplements, cosmetics, organic foods and hygienic products. There are so many products available that are either hard to get in Abu Dhabi and Dubai or extremely overpriced. I also enjoy being able to compare similar products instead of just buying what is available. By purchasing iHerb shipping savers I only pay around 7 dirhams for shipping.

iherb12ab.jpgWhen ordering to the United Arab Emirates it is important to never buy products (including shipping) for over 1000 dirhams to avoid custom charges. If you would like to know more about my experience with iherb, shipping costs and duration click here. For an additional 5% off your whole order use code RDD731 at checkout.

iherb12aVitamin C supports the immune system and is great for a healthy heart, skin and eyes. This brand also contains live probiotics and enzymes that improve gut health. To read more about the benefits of probiotics click here. While I enjoy my daily lemon water, I take vitamin C whenever I feel like I am getting sick. Garden of life is also one of my favourite brands for other vitamins and probiotics. The raw vitamin C is available in two different sizes with either 60 or 120 capsules, starting from 50 dirhams.

realaloe.jpgReal aloe vera gel can either be used on the skin or taken in orally. I use this gel on sunburns, for muscle aches and also on injuries that need cooling along with an ice pack. Even though I always prefer the real and fresh plant, it is very convenient to have a bottle of aloe vera gel at home. This product only contains aloe vera, water, irish moss and citric acid. On iHerb 960ml cost 37 dirhams.

mondayab.jpgAloe vera plants are sold in the Mena plant market.

iherbab.jpgAnother product from Garden of Life that I like to use is raw zinc. Having a zinc deficiency has varoius symptoms such as digestive issues, bad gut health, hair loss, hormonal imbalances and low immunity. The vegetable capsules are entirely made out of whole foods and contain additional vitamin C, probiotics and enzymes. I supplement zinc to improve my skin and to help balancing my hormones. Raw zinc will last around a month costs 36 dirhams.

iherbaNutritional yeast is incredibly hard to find in the UAE at times, it is usually available at Organic foods and cafe or Carrefour, however there are times where it’s sold out throughout the whole country. I also prefer the unfortified version without vitamin b12 and folic acid, which is even harder to find, so I was excited to try Frontier’s nooch. This nutritional yeast only has one ingredient: inactive yeast. Nutritional yeast tastes great in rice and pasta dishes, with beans, in soup and on salads. I bought unfortified nutritional yeast by Frontier for around 12 dirhams. This is actually handbag size, they are also available in a larger bag.




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