Superfoods: Vitex Agnus Castus

Vitex agnus castus also known as chaste tree or chaste berry is an herb that is commonly used in Europe to treat hormonal imbalances and menstrual pains. While this does not work for everyone, many women with PCOS – including me seem to have great success with it.

chastetree.jpgI personally cannot recommend vitex enough to women who do not produce enough progesterone. Vitex supports the pituitary gland to produce progesterone and luteinizing hormones. This means that vitex helps to regulate menstrual cycles, induces ovulation and also relieves period pains.

The supplement has been working very well for me for the past 7 years due to my low progesterone levels and taking vitex regulated my cycles completely. I take 1-1.5 grams of vitex a day throughout my whole cycle. Women without PCOS who are looking to relieve menstrual pain or menopause symptoms are suggested to take lower doses.

Vitex is a completely natural supplement that is sold in pharmacies, however higher doses of vitex are available on iHerb in pill and liquid form. My personal favourite is sold on Amazon and is by Oregon’s Wild Harvest. If vitex does not work well, there are other supplements with similar effects such as black cohosh and dong quai.



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