Relocation: Flying my dogs from Germany to Abu Dhabi

I have already written a post about how I have taken my dogs from Abu Dhabi to Munich, this post will explain their return. Taking dogs into the U.A.E. is a complicated and expensive progress, which takes around 10 days of preparation. In this post I will explain step by step how I have taken my dogs from Munich to Abu Dhabi airport in September 2017. The requirements change very frequently so it is important to double check everything prior.

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Relocation: Should I take my dog to the UAE with me?

The decision of taking a dog to the UAE or not is fairly difficult, but I will try my best to give an insight on life with a dog in Abu Dhabi and Dubai in this post. Comparing to Europe, the UAE is not the most dog friendly country and a dog here is a huge commitment, with many factors such a long working hours, most buildings not allowing dogs, no dog parks, expensive and sometimes fully booked dog boarding.

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Relocation: Flying My Dogs from Abu Dhabi to Germany

I have taken my dogs to Germany several times over the past years, however things do change very frequently. This blog post is about my dogs flying from Abu Dhabi to Munich in June 2017. I contacted all vets that offer animal relocation in Abu Dhabi, however most of them either got the required paperwork wrong or quotes insane prices. I have done everything without an agency and saved thousands of dirhams that way. Hopefully after reading this post you will know everything that you need to fly your dogs to Germany without help too.

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How to rescue: What do I do when I find a stray cat/dog

There are thousands of sick strays, abandoned animals and animals on death row in the U.A.E. and it’s safe to say that the rescuers have their hands more than full. Rescue organizations are at their limits, with high outstanding bills at the vets and boarding facilities and little support. Although I would love to be able to help every single animal – that’s sadly not possible, so here is a basic instruction on how to help an animal in need. There is no official animal organisation which is responsible for injured or sick animals, it is up to us, the people of the U.A.E. to help the animals and ensure their welfare. If you are going to do nothing, this may mean the death sentence for the animal in need.

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How to rescue: How to build your own street cat colony

If you are living in the United Arab Emirates, you have probably realized that there are a lot of stray cats, but no dogs. There’s several reasons why there are a lot more cats, than dogs. The dogs mostly get dumped in the desert, build packs and hunt their food together, after a time they’re so wild, that it’s impossible to catch them. Dogs are also not tolerated by many people living in the U.A.E. so the municipality gets called straight away to pick them up, and most of the time they get put down.

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